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Steen Vallentin, Academic Director

image Steen Vallentin


Steen Vallentin is Associate professor at the Department of Management, Politics and Philosophy and Director of the Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility at Copenhagen Business School. His research interests are centred on corporate social responsibility as a social and political phenomenon in the broadest sense, including studies of the role of government and of the political-ideological aspects of CSR. He regularly contributes to international journals in his field of study. Among his recent publications are: “Strategic CSR: Ambitions and Critiques”, co-authored with L. Spence, in Corporate Social Responsibility – Strategy, Communication, Governance , edited by A. Rasche, M. Morsing & J. Moon (Cambridge University Press, 2017), “Instrumental and Political Currents in the CSR Debate: On the Demise and (Possible) Resurgence of ‘ethics’’, in The Routledge Companion to Ethics, Politics and Organizations, edited by A. Pullen & C. Rhodes (Routledge, 2015), and "Governmentalities of CSR: Danish Government Policy as a Reflection of Political Difference" (Journal of Business Ethics, 2015). In the area of trust-based leadership he has recently published the book: Tillid, magt og offentlige ledelsesreformer (Akademisk Forlag, 2017).


Phone: 3815 3785

Sarah Netter, Project Manager

Image Sarah Netter


Besides her appointment as Project Manager of CBS Sustainability, Sarah Netter is the Centre Manager at the Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility (cbsCSR) and Project Manager of the Governing Responsible Business World Class Research Environment at Copenhagen Business School (CBS). Prior to her appointment, Sarah has been a PhD fellow and a Post-Doctoral fellow at the Department of Management, Society and Communication at CBS. She was awarded her PhD, entitled Exploring the Sharing Economy, from CBS in 2016. Her research focusses on the sharing economy, sustainable consumer behavior, business model innovation, and the fashion industry. Contact Sarah for information and inquiries about the daily work of CBS Sustainability.


Phone: 3815 3014


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