Executive MBA graduation 2016: Celebrating a significant milestone


On Saturday, 4 June 2016, the E-MBA participants that started their journey back in 2014 donned their hats and gowns to receive their long-awaited and well-deserved degrees.


CBS Executive MBA Graduation 2016

CBS EMBA Graduation 2016

There was not a cloud in sight as the newly minted Executive MBA graduates donned their hats and gowns on Saturday, 4 June 2016, to receive their long-awaited and well-deserved diplomas. It was a proud and emotional moment for graduates and families alike as the two E-MBA classes walked in solemn procession onto the stage in Ovnhallen to take their assigned seats.

CBS Professor and E-MBA Associate Dean Jesper Rangvid had been awarded the joyous task of handing over the proof-of-degrees.

“I am humbled and impressed by what you have achieved. Doing an MBA while working full-time is a tremendous achievement!” he said, addressing the two graduating classes. “This graduation is a milestone and signifies an ending and a beginning. You’ve gained new insight, friendship and new perspectives on how many hours there are in a week… Now you are able to face and embrace challenges and stay ahead of the curve.”

Charlotte Fly-Andersen, VP of Sales and Marketing for Rosendahl Design Group and Chairman of the CBS Alumni Society, took the opportunity to welcome the graduates into the MBA afterworld:

 “The ability to look at a company through holistic MBA glasses is a valuable skillset that all of you will possess for life, in addition to a lifelong network of fellow graduates; the biggest MBA network in Scandinavia.”

She also presented the winners of the Student-of-the-Class awards. This accolade went to one student from each class; Trine Storgaard Nielsen from DSV and Louise Lerche-Gredal from Mediationsinstituttet. They had both been elected by their respected classmates for their extraordinary contributions towards creating a positive learning environment.

In her thank-you speech, Trine Storgaard Nielsen conveyed that she was a great believer in diversity and of women in leadership and she was grateful for the support she had received from her fellow E-MBA students.

“Throughout this learning journey, you have supported me and given me the confidence to be my real female self. I now have friends for life and I am only sad that I will no longer be surrounded by this fantastic group of people on a regular basis.”

As the ceremony drew to an end, the graduates were asked to move their tassels from the right to the left, signaling that they were now in possession of the universally respected three-letter affiliation that is the MBA degree. After the traditional group photos and throwing-of-the-hats, they re-joined their friends and families for a celebratory reception.   

Reflecting over the now-completed learning journey, graduate Paul Hargreaves, VP of Clinical Operations at LEO Pharma, said:

“One of the courses that really struck me was the leadership course, and the ability to understand and practice authentic leadership. Going forward, I will apply those takeaways consistently to make sure that the leadership actions I take are right for the people and right for me.”

In his closing remarks, CBS MBA Director Poul Hedegaard also left a moral compass for the graduates, albeit with a humorous twist and inspired by Pippi Longstocking:

“You are all very resourceful and smart, and those in possession of such qualities and a leadership role are strong, so they also need to be very nice!”

Sidst opdateret: Executive MBA // 23/08/2016