Sales Management



The career opportunities for well-trained sales management graduates are excellent. Sales is a very large field of employment, both within Denmark and across the globe. Moreover, with rapid developments in digitalization, big data analytics, and Artificial Intelligence (AI), the future of sales is also exciting. Although AI affects multiple business areas, its biggest impact pertains to marketing and sales.

Data shows us that more than 40% of CBS alumni are or have been employed in the sales area. So, chances are very high for CBS graduates to land in a sales management position. Yet, despite this companies continue having problems to find suitable candidates for sales related functions. Within Denmark, sales related functions at the University level are constantly on the ‘Positive List’, which is a list of professions experiencing a shortage of qualified professionals in Denmark.

The reason for this shortage?

Sales managers are not trained at any other university in the entire Scandinavian region! But good sales managers are highly valued in strategic management, because they can utilize in-depth knowledge (e.g., about sales management, digitalization, and analytics) and advanced capabilities (e.g., problem-solving, design thinking, change management, and knowledge brokering) to address the challenging trends in today’s business environment. And this is exactly where the MSc in EBA - Sales Management comes in with its strategic focus and excellent access to the latest international top research.



In times of globalization and digitization, sales executives and their teams often create the decisive competitive advantage for companies. Among others, we prepare you for the following tasks:

  • Analysis of complex relationships (e.g. "Which business models work in the digitalized context?"),
  • Solution-oriented strategies for internal and external sales measures,
  • Knowledge brokering skills between customer, engineers, data scientists, production, and other disciplines,
  • Leading large sales teams and customers,
  • Negotiating six- and multi-digit deals.

Graduates of this programme are expected to enter a wide range of careers in both the private and the public sectors in Denmark and internationally, such as:

  • sales executive - nationally and internationally,
  • management and leadership positions in other business areas,
  • key account management,
  • entrepreneurial ventures,
  • consulting,
  • industries in the shared economy, and
  • in scientific sales research.



In the academic profile you can find more information about the various competences you achieve on the program:

FilCompetence profile for SAM

Competence profile for MSc EBA

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