Cand.merc.(pol.) / MSc in International business and politics

Student life

Study environment

The study environment is very international with both students and faculty having diverse national backgrounds. Around 40% of the students have a non-Danish background.
If you wish to you can join the IBP Union. This student organisation has an academic section, guest lectures, case competitions, and exchange with students from other universities, dialogue meetings with alumni, a social section that organises parties and other entertaining events, and a sports section that has active female and male soccer teams. See more here:

Some students join different networks and communities according to personal interests.

What to consider?

It is important that you are prepared for studying in English. This includes reading academic texts in English, participating in class discussions, and writing assignments and thesis in English. Some students find it difficult to study in English. If you feel you need to improve your English A level prior to beginning the programme, you should do so. However, it is entirely up to you  as long as you fulfill the language entry requirement.

The programme builds on the bachelor degree programme in International Business and Politics. This gives a strong foundation in both business studies,  political science and international political economy. In contrast to the bachelor programme, the master will also cover central aspects of international law. Students who have taken the IBP-bachelor should be aware of this progression.

The progamme also enrolls many students with other bachelor level backgrounds. Therefore  not all students in the IBP master programme have similar levels of skills in business or politics. Some may be less prepared for either the business or the political aspects of the programme. If your bachelor degree has provided  you with a limited foundation in one of the two aspects, it is a good idea to try to make up for this before you enter the IBP programme.

Since this programme deals with international politics and contemporary issues, among other things, it is recommended that you keep up to date with current affairs. This can be done by following the media, in particular media with strong international coverage such as Financial Times or the Economist.

This programme requires an interest in international economic and political issues. You should also be aware that the programme emphasises an analytical approach to political issues. It is not, in other words, about discussing political opinions and standpoints. It is about analysing and understanding political phenomena in relation to international business.


Most of the professors teaching in this programme are non-Danish, and the teaching styles vary from course to course. There is generally a high level of student participation and interaction between students and professors. Exercises and tutorials are also part of the teaching. The high level of interaction helps students prepare for oral exams.


At CBS each course is concluded with an examination. This means that you will have examinations after each semester in December/January and May/June respectively.

The exam types in International Business and Politics are a mix of exam types offered at CBS.

Work, life, study balance

It is up to you to evaluate if you have the time and energy for a student job alongside your studies. However, many IBP students have relevant student jobs besides the full time degree programme.

Studying in English

Before studying a programme taught in English you might want to consider the following:

  • All literature, lectures, exams, projects and group work are in English
  • Academic English differs from the English used in everyday language – so it might be a challenge even if you are used to speaking English in other situations.
  • You may have to spend more time on reading and understanding the material in English
  • You may find it challenging to express yourself with the same ease as you would in your mother tongue.
  • Some will feel uncomfortable and shy when speaking English – especially when in a crowd or among native speakers.

Practice makes perfect

There is a big difference between reading and understanding texts and expressing yourself in English both orally and in writing. This is a challenge for some students. Even if you are used to reading English texts on your bachelor programme, it is still a good idea to practice your English. Try to speak it on a regular basis, watch the news, movies and TV series in English. You should also read books and newspapers in English, as this will help you read faster and increase your vocabulary. A good command of English is essential for getting the maximum learning outcome of your programme.


Students tend to join different groups and networks that relate to their specific areas of interest. The IBP Union is an important umbrella organisation. The organisation has an academic section, guest lectures, case competitions, and exchange with students from other universities, dialogue meetings with alumni, a social section that organises parties and other entertaining events, and a sports section that has an active soccer team. See more here:

There are also a number of associations and organisations for students at CBS.

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