MSc in Business, Language and Culture

One programme - Two concentrations

The concentrations in Business and Development Studies and Diversity and Change Management belong to the Master of Science in Business, Language and Culture (BLC).

The BLC master programme aims at giving students a scientifically based set of interdisciplinary, analytical and communicative skills with a specific view to qualifying them for a career in globally oriented companies, institutions and organizations, private and public.

The programme trains students to investigate the theory and practice of international business and management from an interdisciplinary vantage point at the intersection of the social and human sciences, bringing together insights and methods from several academic fields: international business administration and economics; social, political and culture studies; language and area studies.

This interdisciplinary approach allows for a broad perspective on business, taking into account how regionally embedded values, norms, practices and interests impact the ways in which organisations operate in and across multiple contexts in the global economy.

Since the BLC programme was founded, this interdisciplinary approach has become increasingly relevant to understand business at the intersection of global and local forces in particular regional contexts. Moreover, such an understanding helps not only to overcome obstacles related to cultural, social, political and economic differences between regions, but also to further one’s capacity to see and use contextual differences as potential resources when doing business.

You can find more information about the two concentrations by visiting their pages:

MSc in BLC - Diversity and Change Management
MSc in BLC - Business and Development Studies

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