MSc in Business Administration and Information Systems



The Master of Science (MSc) in Business Administration and Information Systems is one of the highly rated programs of its kind, primarily serving students from the CBS bachelor programs, BSc in Business Administration and Information Systems and BA in Information Management. Graduates of the program are known to possess an unusual combination of skills: combining IT concepts and skills with economics and management. This is a combination of skills that has proven to be in great demand on the job market, and for many years, graduates of this MSc program have had great success in a broad spectrum of positions including consultants, analysts, project managers, and system developers. 

The program has a long-standing reputation for excellence in the Danish IT landscape. In recent years, the program has evolved considerably, increasing the technical sophistication of its curriculum, so that many recent graduates are sought after as data scientists with expertise in machine learning as applied in business contexts.  While most graduates seek commercial employment, some have found success continuing on an academic path, pursuing a PhD. 

Our students find jobs in Danish as well as international companies both large and small. Many recent graduates have an entrepreneurial spirit, with many recent startups involving students from our program.

Competence Profile

In the competence profile you can read more about the purpose of the programme and the competencies you achieve in the programme:

Competence profile for MSc IT

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