MSc in Business Administration and Data Science



What gets you the job?

A candidate who has completed MSc in Business Administration and Data Science will be able to accomplish a variety of skills in the domain of business data analytics, using knowledge and insights into practices within business data analytics, with a combination of data science, business, and public policy fields.

The programs interdisciplinary focus entails that the candidate will be able to develop and communicate scientifically-rooted solutions, based on scientific techniques and methods within the data analytics, business and legal subjects. Attention has been focused particularly on the candidates mastering the methods, techniques and processes with a high scientific level within design, development, adoption, implementation, evaluation and exploitation of data science for business IT and economics.

As a graduate of this concentration, the candidate will have the ability to apply data mining and machine learning algorithms, methods, techniques, and tools to analyze, describe, and solve complex and interdisciplinary challenges by application of theories and frameworks, within both internal and external business data pipelines for organizations.

After completing this program, the candidate will be able to perform specialist functions that requires knowledge and skills from the highest international research in data science and business issues, with an ability to box-in complex problems and take forward actions using data-driven decision making to support organizational strategies. The candidates will be able facilitate and integrate data-driven decision making into organizational practices by acquiring, producing, and using new knowledge with data science and within new domain areas.


Career opportunities

As a graduate of this program you will find jobs such as Data Scientist, Data Managers, Data Analyst and Business Intelligence Analysts and so on, in companies like telecommunications, finance, manufacturing, marketing research and other large organizations both from private and public sectors, which are focused on extracting data-driven insights from enterprise data.

Many graduates will find their way into data analytics and business intelligence domains, because of their solid understanding on the application of data mining, machine learning algorithms, combined with business understanding of data, to promote a global and local perspective on digital strategies, data pipelines and data-based business models.

Some candidates will also find job opportunities in consulting where they can help companies with a number of different problems. For example, they will be able help companies by translating a business problem into a data question, create predictive models to answer the questions of business problem.


Academic profile

In the following FilCompetency profile for Business Administration and Data Science, you can find more information about the various competences you will achieve as part of the programme.

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