Management of Innovation and Business Development


What gets you the job?

In order to address the uncertainties of innovation, entrepreneurship and business development you learn to:

  • Develop innovation strategies
  • Organise and manage innovation projects
  • Manage knowledge as a resource for innovation
  • Manage intellectual capital
  • Design business models for innovation
  • Align innovation with market development
  • Manage and control innovative firms, including entrepreneurial start-ups
  • Attract venture capital.

Career opportunities

You will be qualified for positions in a broad range of business functions in knowledge-intensive companies, e.g. as management consultant, controller and business developer, in jobs relating to project and product management and organisational development or as entrepreneur and manager of innovative start-ups.

Academic profile

In the academic profile you can find more information about the various competences you achieve on the programme:

PDF iconCompetence profile for MIB

PDF iconCompetence profile for MSc EBA

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