MA in IBC - Multicultural Communication in Organisations (MCO)



What gets you the job?

Since the programme is quite new, there are neither MCO-graduates nor any statistics on future jobs yet. The information is based on research conducted in relation to the development of the programme investigating the needs and opportunities in large Danish companies within the disciplines of communication, knowledge management and languages.

You develop key competencies to work in international companies where information and knowledge is exchanged between employees with different backgrounds and communicative needs. The internal focus and combination of communicative, intercultural and knowledge management skills on one hand and English at the highest professional level on the other makes you employable in international and multicultural companies.

One of the elements that clearly distinguish this programme from other programmes within communication is the ability to facilitate knowledge exchange between people from not only different cultures but also different professions, who share English as a common language.

Career opportunities

The profile aims at multicultural organisations with English as corporate language. Above all you will get a deep understanding of the connection between language, communication and organization.

The MCO programme enables you to contribute to the company’s internal complex communication flows and accurately diagnose culturally or professionally conditioned needs for communication and knowledge sharing. You will also develop excellent communication skills and a strong command of English over the course of your studies.

Based on an extensive knowledge within the field of organisational communication, you will be able to:

  • Handle the internal communication in organisations
  • Work strategically with languages and communication in relation to the general targets, structure and values of the organisation
  • Identify, analyse and solve linguistic, communicative and cultural problems
  • Ensure the highest possible standards for the English communication
  • Work with different kinds of technological platforms in relations to knowledge production and sharing
  • Analysing the current information structure in the company, define elements that could be optimized and perform the relevant changes
  • Manage the internal complex professional communication flows of companies
  • Diagnose culturally or professionally conditioned needs for communication and knowledge sharing and address those needs by providing and implementing theory-based solutions
  • Perform communication analysis and produce written communication in English in various text genres at a high professional level
  • Draw on a professional knowledge of the way organisational results and procedures are shaped and communicated, and of the relationships that are sustained by communication, both oral and written
  • Work and network across cultures, displaying a profound understanding of cultural and professional diversity.

This should make you employable in a broad range of international firms and organizations in various specialized positions, for instance as:

  • Diversity Manager
  • Intercultural Communications Adviser
  • Intranet Editor
  • Communication Coordinator
  • Communication Manager
  • Learning and Competency Manager

Buliding bridges to the business community

For the past years MA IBC-students have connected with the business community through a bridge building initiative. The initiative focusses on how the knowledge and competencies gained through the programme play a key role in a variety of job functions in modern companies and organisations.  

Academic Profile


The MA programme in Multicultural Communication in Organizations (MCO) is a research-based full-time graduate level programme. The MCO programme qualifies the graduates to navigate in a global knowledge society. The graduates will be qualified to work with internal communication in organisations in professional English on the analytical as well as the implementation level and to ensure the quality of the English-language communication of the organisation.

The MCO graduates have a broad understanding of business that enables them to work on a strategic level with language and internal communication in relation to the goals, structure and values of the organisation. The MCO profile is based on an understanding of the links between language, communication and organisation.

Academic competencies:

  • Has knowledge and understanding of specialised and complex problems and results in organisational and multicultural communication studies and professional English language, focusing on interactions in multicultural companies and organisations.
  • Can independently identify, retrieve and critically use relevant research-based knowledge within these areas. 

Intellectual competencies:

  • Can argue analytically, reflectively, and critically at a high academic level.
  • Can pose and develop relevant questions for analysis in the fields of organisational and multicultural studies, using high-quality English language and can carry out the analysis in accordance with normal academic standards.
  • Can utilise these skills to identify problems and develop solutions for private and public enterprises and organisations.

Practical competencies:

  • Can communicate research results and organisational interactions professionally, clearly and precisely, orally and in writing, to a variety of audiences.
  • Can collaborate with people having the same or other academic backgrounds in working with and solving problems that involve a variety of fields.

Academic profile

In the academic profile you can find more information about the various competences you achieve on the programme:  Competence profile for MCO

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