MA in International Business Communication



What gets you the job?

Through MA in International Business Communication you will achieve a very unique combination of intercultural marketing, consumer culture, communication and English as your working language.

It is this combination that distinguishes you from other graduates in marketing or communication. It is the combination of the areas that makes you attractive to future employers. Furthermore, you will achieve an understanding of other cultures and intercultural issues, which is highly appreciated in companies and organisations that operate internationally.

In addition, while drawing on solid research, the programme is extensively case-based and practice-oriented. Furthermore, you will acquire skills that enable you to communicate effectively in English, which is an important and sought-after competence.

Career opportunities

At MA IBC you will find many different types of students and various ways of shaping you studies to best suit your future wants. Therefore, graduates of MA IBC work in many different areas fulfilling many different functions. Most graduates work within marketing, communication and SoMe – often in relation to international activities of companies, organisations and institutions.

Examples of typical fields of work could be:

  • Marketing and consumer communication
  • Contribution to market analysis and marketing strategy
  • Relationship management
  • SoMe management
  • Communication in companies and organisations
  • Consulting in cultural issues

The fields mentioned will often span across cultures and professional boundaries.

Building bridges to the business community

For the past several years, many MA IBC-students have connected with the business community through a bridge building initiative. The initiative focusses on how the academic knowledge and personal competencies gained through the programme match job functions across businesses and organisations.

Academic profile

In the academic profile you can find more information about the various competences you achieve on the programme: PDF iconCompetence profile for MA IBC.

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