MA in IBC - Intercultural Marketing (ICM)



What gets you the job?

At ICM you will achieve a very unique combination of intercultural marketing on one hand and communication and English on the other.

It is this combination that distinguishes you from other graduates in language, marketing or communication. It is typically the combination of the areas that gives you the job rather than the individual areas alone. Furthermore, you will achieve an understanding of other cultures and intercultural issues, which is highly appreciated in companies and organisations that operate internationally. Bringing your English competences into play as a strategic asset as part of a company’s/organisation’s marketing effort is therefore your unique selling point.

In addition, the programme is practice-related and you learn to communicate in practice in English, which is an important and sought-after competence. Your English competences are based on the international negotiations course which is an obligatory course on your 2nd semester, but the two courses in your first semester on Financial and Legal Communication as well as English Proficiency Management are key to your double-competences within marketing and English, and should therefore be your preferred choice to enhance your job chances after graduation.

Career opportunities

At ICM you will find many different types of students and various ways of shaping you studies to best suit your future wants. Therefore, graduates of ICM work in many different areas and branches. Generally, most graduates work within marketing, communication and/or English – often in relation to international activities of companies, organisations and institutions.

Examples of typical fields of work could be:

  • Market analysis and marketing strategy
  • Market and consumer communication
  • Negotiations
  • Communication in companies and organisations
  • Quality assurance and translation
  • Consulting in cultural and language issues
  • Establishment on foreign markets

The mentioned tasks will often take place across cultures, languages and boundaries.

Buliding bridges to the business community

For the past years IBC-students have connected with the business community through a bridge building initiative. The initiative focusses on how the knowledge and competencies gained through the programme play a key role in a variety of job functions in modern companies and organisations.  

Academic profile

In the academic profile you can find more information about the various competences you achieve on the programme:  Competence profile for ICM

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