International Marketing and Management

Student life

Study environment

IMM has an annual intake of about 170 students, with roughly 60/40 Danes and international students. This makes for a dynamic, international setting. People mix and cooperate well, and appreciate the advantages of studying in a diverse environment.

Students are socially active, participate in the many extracurricular events and consider the programme to be an excellent training ground for improving their intercultural skills and developing the international mentality they will need when they pursue a career after graduation. The good mood is also reflected in lectures where students actively participate in academic discussions.

What  to consider?

The IMM programme is roughly 2/3 management and 1/3 marketing – note that strategic marketing is not classic marketing, but deals more with an understanding of market complexity and context. The IMM should therefore not be confused with a classic marketing programme which deals with branding, communication and campaigns.

An important skill in this programme is being able to argue your case in the given context. Often there will be no right or wrong answers, only different perspectives that you must be able to reflect on critically, then make a decision and explain why you found that to be the best choice.

The scope of the programme is broad and introduces you to general management. If you want to specialise, you can do so in the second year.


The classes in IMM are often lectures combined with exercises. For the lectures the whole year of students  is together, but for the exercises the class is usually divided into two or three groups to make better room for questions and discussions. Students are often working in groups of an international composition. This will help you develop your intercultural skills.
Students are actively involved in the teaching , with class discussions and small exercises or student presentations. It is also customary to use guest lectureres to cover special areas, or give perspectives from a relevant company or industry.


At CBS each course is concluded with an examination. This means that you will have examinations after each semester in December/January and May/June respectively.
In IMM exams are often case-based and resemble real-life settings in the sense that you will be required to write reports and give oral presentations as you might do in a job.

Work,life,study balance

The IMM is a fulltime programme. It is possible to have a student job or organisational work if you can manage and prioritise your time and work load.

Studying in English

Before studying a programme taught in English you might want to consider the following:

  • All literature, lectures, exams, projects and group work are in English
  • Academic English differs from the English used in everyday language – so it might be a challenge even if you are used to speaking English in other situations.
  • You may have to spend more time on reading and understanding the material in English
  • You may find it challenging to express yourself with the same ease as you would in your mother tongue.
  • Some will feel uncomfortable and shy when speaking English – especially when in a crowd or among native speakers.

Practice makes perfect
There is a big difference between reading and understanding texts and expressing yourself in English both orally and in writing. This is a challenge for some students. Even if you are used to reading English texts on your bachelor programme, it is still a good idea to practice your English. Try to speak it on a regular basis, watch the news, movies and TV series in English. You should also read books and newspapers in English, as this will help you read faster and increase your vocabulary. A good command of English is essential for getting the maximum learning outcome of  your programme.


Students are avid users of Facebook for both social and academic activities. Many are active on LinkedIn. Students also arrange networking events and study trips.


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