International Marketing and Management


What gets you the job?

The successful graduate can see things from a critical point of view and be reflective on it without being philosophical. You will be able to argue your point of view and understand it is a question of making a choice based on the information you have. You will be able to conduct sharp and thorough analysis and to implement the chosen solution. You will also have in-depth knowledge about marketing and management processes and decisions.

You will have analytical skills combined with a general business understanding. Your precision will be an advantage, both the precision of your analyses and the precision you can add to strategy. You will be able to identify problems and put them into context, make decisions and argue your case; in essence making you a problem-solver.

Career opportunities

The concentration gives you competencies within general management in the broader context of marketing. This allows you to work in any number of areas where these more general skills are required. This could for instance be as project manager, marketing assistant, line manager, brand manager, or consulting. You would also make a good candidate for management trainee programmes. Given that your outlook is international and intercultural, this also makes you an ideal candidate for jobs with a particular international focus, or with complex international markets.
More untraditional paths could be NGOs, CSR or social entrepreneurship.

Academic profile

In the academic profile you can find more information about the various competences you achieve on the programme:

PDF iconCompetence profile for IMM

PDF iconCompetence profile for MSc EBA

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