Digital Business


What gets you the job?

As the Digital Business students come with different bachelor degrees and have great freedom of choice, they end up with quite different profiles, which of course has an influence on your career.

Even if the interdisciplinary understanding of the cross field between business, technology, and practical IT project management is recurrent in most student profiles, their diversity is just as important. The technological understanding is crucial to some students when they enter the job market. To others, it may be the understanding of consumer behaviour, business models or business development - or specialised knowledge within the framework and requirements related to E-business.


Career opportunities

Experience shows that Digital Business graduates land their first jobs quite fast. They often cover a broad scope of IT-related tasks and responsibilities. They use their competences within project management, management, organisation, and business to a large extent.

Some graduates work in Digital Business consultancy. Others work with the development of Digital Business solutions, or are employed in companies using Digital Business platforms.

The companies range from sole traders to very large corporations, and the jobs may be aimed at the Danish as well as the international market. The companies can be private, public or voluntary organisations. The broad range of careers reflects the diversity of the student profiles, but also the fact that Digital Business is very widespread and not limited to different industries or sectors.

Graduates are for instance qualified to hold the following positions:

• Jobs in a company's IT department
• Jobs in business development, especially jobs with a focus on expansion of digital business areas
• Positions related to design, implementation and development of corporate e-commerce solutions
• Positions related to design, development and innovation of digital products and services
• Consultancy positions, especially within development or counseling regarding digital business solutions
• Self-employed or as a partner in small businesses, including companies that are housed in an incubator or other innovation environments engaged in developing digital solutions ( or intending to develop digital solutions or products )
• Jobs in public corporations, especially in positions with focus on digital communication and business elements or development of new digital solutions


Competence profile

In the competence profile you can read more about the purpose of the programme and the competencies you achieve in the programme:

Competence profile for MSc in Business Administration and Digital Business (previously E-business)

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