MSocSc in Management of Creative Business Processes


What gets you the job?

A major selling point for CBP graduates is that they can manage processes and set the frames in an organisation or in a project with specialised inputs from both artistic/creative specialists and business specialist. And they can bring these different contributions together in a shared output to reach a common goal. These skills are alternative to more mainstream business practices.

CBP students have an overview of the basic business administration tools, thus making sure that the inputs from creative minds are not disturbed by issues of e.g. budget and legal issues when negotiating agreements between e.g. artists and a record company.

They are able  to work problem- oriented by creating an overview, analysinge, processing data to create knowledge and acting on the findings. E.g. creating and sharing knowledge and ideas.

Career opportunities

This programme provides the students with skills to become managers in the creative industry or managing innovative processes in companies.

Typical jobs:

  • Agent for established firm looking for  collaboration with small artistic startups
  • Academic employee in public/semi-public cultural or creative institutions
  • Being the “academic business person” in artistically creative firms
  • IT-firm - online media planner

Academic  profile

With theoretical and practical understanding of the emergence of new creative businesses, and new forms of business or customer relationships as a consequence of the internet, and other electronic communication technologies, graduates are able to

  • identify and analyse complex social and business economic issues
  • handlle and solve cross disciplinary issues in collaboration with individuals that have the same or a different educational background
  • understand the specific nature of creative industries and the particular ways in which they differ
  • be familiar with main issues of management, strategy, marketing and property rights in the creative industries and regarding creative activities in other industries
  • conduct analyses of specific markets in practice; use the skills for strategic considerations and decisions.
  • l understand  in theory and practice the most important elements in working relations and competition in and between different creative markets

In the academic profile you can find more information about the various competences you achieve on the programme: FilAcademic profile for CBP

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