MSocSc in Strategic Design and Entrepreneurship


Competence profile

In the competence profile you can read more about the purpose of the programme and the competencies you achieve in the programme:

Competence profile for Cand.soc. OIE - SDE

Entrepreneural activities

All CBS students have access to a specialized career service. In addition, the student incubator Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship (CSE) provides an important networking opportunity for you as an SDE student. As an SDE student you can potentially take advantage of the financial, intellectual and institutional support of CSE for your own entrepreneurial activities.


Successful participants of the program will obtain the following degrees:

CBS-students: MSs Social Science – Organisational Innovation and Entrepreneurship -  Strategic Design and Entrepreneurship


Cand. Arch/Master of Arts in Architecture - Strategic Design and Entrepreneurship

Cand. Des/ Master of Arts in Design - Strategic Design and Entrepreneurship


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