MSocSc in Service Management



What gets you the job?

Services are increasing in importance and comprise a growing share of the world’s economies, while services are also becoming increasingly important as a differentiator for firms. At the same time, various service industries are expanding and in need of academically-educated employees as they transform into operating more professionally and structured.  SEM meets these needs, as one of only a few Master programmes focused on services industries.
Thatis why comprehensive knowledge of service production & service management and analytical skills are demanded by employers.

You may find a job through attending networking activites, such as the advisory network meetings, through the contacts established with representatives from the service industry visiting your programmeand by making your thesis or other exam projects in cooperation  with businesses.

Career opportunities

The programme prepares the students for careers in the service industry.

5 typical jobs:

  • HR-manager
  • Marketing manager
  • Travel and meeting planner in big corporations
  • Tourism planner
  • Hotel manager

Academic Profile

In the academic profile you can find more information about the various competences you achieve on the programme:  Academic profile for SEM.

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