MSc in Social Science - Organisational Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Student life

Study environment


OIE has one of the most diverse student populations at CBS, with many international students of different academic backgrounds. This contributes to a creative and dynamic learning environment. As a member of the OIE community, you will be exposed to a variety of points of view. This prepares you for a business career in diverse environments and is highly appreciated by OIE students. They regularly rank OIE’s social environment high, well above the average for all CBS programs.

To succeed in this program, you need to be able to think critically, see what is important in a problem or case and use your knowledge for crafting creative solutions. Further, you will need to be an effective communicator, willing and able to take part in the collective learning processes, sharing your opinions and defending them with relevant arguments as well as writing clearly and convincingly. A healthy dose of curiosity and a willingness to question common sense will serve you well.

OIE is a program of Copenhagen Business School (CBS), one of the leading Business Schools worldwide, located in one of the most innovative and vibrant cities in Europe. More than 22,000 students study at CBS. Faculty is recruited internationally and most CBS master programs are - like OIE - taught in English. CBS is an urban university and classes are held primarily in four modern buildings in Frederiksberg, close to the center of Copenhagen. Student facilities include multimedia labs, break-out rooms for group and project work, a Learning Resource Center and a state-of-the-art library, cafeterias and restaurants as well as a specially designed Studio @ CBS for experimental entrepreneurship education.



You will meet a mix of different types of teaching, such as lectures, case discussions, practical exercises at the Studio @ CBS, and simulation games. The OIE core curriculum consists of two types of courses: lecture and studio courses.

Lecture courses are taught according to the case study method and train you in analyzing data, taking business-relevant decisions in context, and using tools and analytical frameworks for informed decision-making. OIE faculty has been trained in case-study teaching at the most prestigious educational institutions and many of your teachers have developed and published cases themselves. Both the interactive learning environment and the real-life business cases are a motivating factor for our students.

Studio courses engage you in experimental learning processes and lead you to take what you learn in the classroom and apply it to real business situations. Based on new teaching methods, including simulations, games, team-based exercises and video creation, these experiences give you the chance to practice entrepreneurial decision making and probe your solutions actively in a hands-on experimental environment. All studio courses take place at the specially designed Studio @ CBS and are as a rule activity-based. In your studios classes you experience real life entrepreneurial and organizational dilemmas and create solutions for them. You will also deliver practical results: a small but viable product or service, a business plan, an improvement to a social entrepreneurship problem, a pitching video or a leadership simulation. The studio pedagogy is designed to build your leadership confidence, including encouraging you to co-create your learning environment. Each year, students organize a number of activities, such as company visits, studio workshops with industry experts, and training sessions. Your suggestions for activities are always welcome.

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At CBS each course is concluded with an examination. This means that you will have exams after each quarter. OIE uses a mix of different exam types: written projects, activity-based studio deliverables, 48h take-home assignments, 4h written exams or oral examinations. Exams generally aim at letting you demonstrate knowledge and skills that will be relevant to your future career.

Work-life balance


OIE is a full-time study program. Class-participation is crucial for successful completion of the program because of the interactive case-based and studio-based teaching. While you cannot study OIE part-time, the program includes options for internships, your own start-up activities and study periods abroad. In particular, the second year of your master can be designed to fit your interests, schedule and career plans.

Studying in English


Before joining a program taught in English you might want to consider the following:

  • All literature, lectures, exams, projects and group work are in English.
  • Academic English differs from English used in everyday language and you may have to spend more time on reading and understanding the material in English.
  • You may find it challenging to express yourself with the same ease as you would in your native tongue.

A good command of English is essential for successfully completing OIE and making the most of your program.


Alumni network


OIE builds a lifetime cohort of collaborative MBAs and entrepreneurially thinking individuals. Our alumni remain in touch with CBS and form a network that remains valuable long after you have celebrated receiving your master diploma.

All CBS students have access to a specialized career service. In addition, the student incubator Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship (CSE) provides an important networking opportunity for you as an OIE student. OIE cooperates closely with the incubator program, with CSE staff teaching OIE courses and OIE faculty engaging with CSE activities. As an OIE student you can potentially take advantage of the financial, intellectual and institutional support of CSE for your own entrepreneurial activities.


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