MSc in Social Science - Organisational Innovation and Entrepreneurship


What gets you the job?

The OIE curriculum develops entrepreneurial, managerial, and leadership skills. You learn how to advance ideas, and turn innovative plans and models into viable lasting organizations. You also develop your social skills, such as working in teams, communicating with partners, solving problems and taking initiative.

If you are interested in involving yourself with a start-up, the OIE program will provide you with useful competencies. If you want to use entrepreneurship as a way to change society and build capacity for new/better solutions, OIE’s holistic approach provides a good basis for such ambitions. If you are planning a career in innovation management, OIE will provide you with the competencies needed. Innovating in the context of a large, established company means that you will have to tackle the challenges and excitements of corporate entrepreneurship. Most large companies today go to great lengths to foster entrepreneurship within the organization, and OIE students are well trained to support these initiatives.

Career opportunities

The interdisciplinary nature of this program allows you to qualify for many different careers, which you should reflect in your second year specialization. Some students have launched their own businesses; others have joined OIE partner companies after having completed internships or having cooperated with them in master thesis projects. Apart from working as entrepreneurs, OIE students work as project managers in innovation and organization development departments, innovation analysts, product or service portfolio managers, business development managers and similar types of positions that require strong cross-disciplinary business skills.

Competence profile

In the competence profile you can read more about the purpose of the programme and the competencies you achieve in the programme:

Competence profile for Cand.soc. OIE

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