MSc in Social Science - Management of Creative Business Processes

By focusing on creative business processes in-and outside the creative industries, you will learn to navigate between the realms of business and art. Through this you will develop a managerial approach that identifies the balance between nurturing creativity and the requirements of running a successful business.

Last intake in 2022

Please note that this study programme will close due to the political regionalisation agreement. The last intake will be in 2022.

Courses and Content

Knowledge beyond Standard
In Denmark, as well as globally, creative industries are experiencing heavy growth. To operate successfully in these industries require knowledge and skills beyond what is covered by general management programmes.

The programme’s main focus is on the management of the process work found within the creative industries. Management of Creative Business Processes develops your ability to manage a firm’s creative processes as well as integrating creative inputs into commercially feasible products or services. As a CBP student you will learn to engage global networks within the creative industries with a wide array of skills covering areas such as strategy, marketing, financial and legal as well as idea generation and project management all within the creative industries.

Creative industries
Through this managerial approach, you learn to understand the organisation of a firm in general, as well as the creative industries specifically. Examples of creative industries are; film, music, advertising, architecture, industrial design, fashion and software development.

Innovation – the management of creative processes
Creative business processes are also crucial to many innovative firms outside the creative industries. The programme covers business processes and general theories of innovation and their application and connection with creative firms and industries. The programme’s focus on innovation includes entrepreneurship in general, gathering and processing knowledge, and well as generating and sharing ideas inside and outside the organisation. By understanding the theory and application of these creative processes you will learn how traditional industries seeking to be innovative can benefit from adopting creative processes that are commonly found in the creative industries.

Organisation - project management
By examining best practices from the creative industries and working together in groups and projects you will acquire an understanding of the role organisation and management plays in the success of an innovative company. For instance how the project organisation influences the ability of a company to develop innovative new products.

General management theory / business administration
The programme covers basic elements of standard business administration; basic principles of copyright law, accounting and marketing.

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CBP is a two-year master’s programme that is divided into 4 semesters. The fall semester runs from September through November with exams in December and January; and the spring semester from February through April with exams in May and June.

First  and second  semester consist of compulsory courses,third semester of elective courses and fourth semester finishes off the program  with the master thesis

Additional options

This programme collaborates with creative firms around the world to ensure high quality and a leading edge content of the courses in the programme. Industry involvement includes, among others, Egmont, Danish Broadcasting Corporation, IFPI Denmark, Italian fashion firms and Indian animation and Bollywood firms.

Double degree with Bocconi University
When studying Management of Creative Business Processes, you have the opportunities to obtain a double degree at Bocconi University in Milan. A double degree means that you obtain a Master of Social Science from Copenhagen Business School, as well as an Italian Master of Science with a concentration in Economics and Management of Arts, Culture, Media and Entertainment (ACME-LS). The double degree programme is suited to a wide range of interests, but it is particularly relevant for those who plan to pursue a career in organisations, transcending domestic borders. Five selected students from CBS will have the chance to pursue this opportunity.

Internship integrated in the thesis
An internship gives you the opportunity to turn theory into practice and reflect on the academic training you receive at CBS in a practical setting. To increase the value of an internship for you as a student as well as the firm, this programme offers an Advanced Internship option where an internship and the master thesis are integrated. The advanced internship option offers you the opportunity to establish a relationship with a firm for a longer period of time. This allows you, the Copenhagen Business School supervisor, and the firm to build resources and trust, and establish a gradual transition from the internship to the master thesis process.

Course overview

1. Semester 2. Semester 3. Semester 4. Semester
Creative Industries, Innovation and Strategies (15 ECTS) Managing Creative and Innovative Organisations (7.5 ECTS)

Electives / Internship / Exchange (30 ECTS)





Master's thesis (30 ECTS)





Marketing and Creative Processes (7.5 ECTS) Financial and Managerial Accounting (7.5 ECTS)
Legal Risk Management Intellectual Porperty Law (7.5 ECTS) Creative Business Project and Methods for Creative Industry Analysis (15 ECTS)

You can find course descriptions in the programme regulations for MScSocSc in Management of Creative Business Processes.

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