Strategic Market Creation

You will develop an innovative mindset and understand the role marketing plays in the creation of new business opportunities for a company. This will allow you to lead and manage innovation and change projects within a company’s marketing function, but also at a corporate and strategic level.


Content and Structure

Strategic Market Creation (SMC) has a clear marketing perspective when dealing with the management of entrepreneurship, innovation, and branding. Thus, it is the focal point in the SMC literature and in project assignments oriented on product, brand, and/or business model innovation to design a unique, convincing, and appealing customer value proposition. This calls for an understanding of what creates positive and enduring product and brand experiences from a customer perspective. Furthermore, it calls for an understanding of the needed company resources and processes to create, deliver, and capture value by offering a certain value proposition. In order to achieve this understanding, the following fields in the literature stand at centre in case studies and in advanced semester projects:

- Business model innovation
- C
onsumer’s values and experiences
- B
rand management
- S
trategic management
- P
roject management

Identifying New Business Opportunities
To maintain a high performance level, companies need to show excellence in detecting and exploiting new business opportunities. In achieving this excellence, some particular competences need to be created and continuously adapted. At SMC you will enhance your theoretical and practical understanding about the following essential elements and competences associated with this excellence: Managing new product/service development, business model design and innovation, brand management, strategy and project management. Furthermore, you will attain an understanding of drivers and barriers within and outside companies that might have a strategic impact on the success of innovation and branding initiatives.

Business Model Innovation
We work from a central thesis that creating a new product or service concept has no value without a carefully designed business model. Therefore, at SMC you will be trained to design a business model to implement business model innovation, and to write an integrated business plan for a new product/service or for a new venture.  Another focal point at SMC is the association between branding and innovation. Brands are dependent upon innovation in order to ‘stay alive’, and product/service innovations are dependent upon brands in order to ‘become alive’. Therefore, we view achieving an up-to-date theoretical and practical insight into central ideas and frameworks in the fields of innovation and brand management as equally important.

Strategic Outlook
Strategic Market Creation is also about strategy and project management. An understanding of how strategies are formed and why, and also the interaction between strategizing at different organizational levels is important. At SMC you will get a profound theoretical insight into the field of strategy by getting acquainted with a wide set of perspectives and contributions dealing with strategizing at different organizational levels. Managing innovation projects of products/services, business models, and/or brands involve different perspectives, organizational levels, areas of competences, etc. At the SMC program, we work with strategy, knowledge, and project management in order to gain an understanding of managing innovation projects. This is formed by case assignments and contemporary readings.

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SMC is a two-year master program. In the first year, you have six mandatory courses. In the second year, you have electives followed by a master’s thesis. The integration between the first year courses is high, meaning that there exists an overlap between issues and themes in the different courses and projects. The motivation is to secure a progression in knowledge about innovation and branding by incorporating different theoretical perspectives and insights.The fall semester runs from September through November with exams in December and January; and the spring semester from February through April with exams in May and June.

Additional options

The concentration has a unique double degree program with Bocconi University. This will allow you to get your master degree from two acknowledged universities in two years.
A second option for a double degree is to apply for the CEMS programme.
You can also use part of your third semester to obtain a minor in one of the specialised minor programmes.

Course overview

1. Semester 2. Semester 3. Semester 4. Semester
Marketing, Creativity and Innovation (15 ECTS) Strategic Leadership and Brand Management (15 ECTS) Electives/Exchange (30 ECTS) Master's Thesis (30 ECTS)
Corporate Branding and Communities (7.5 ECTS) Consumer's Experiences and Design (7.5 ECTS)
Marketing Research in Innovation Processes (7.5 ECTS)
Managing Knowledge, Projects and Teams (7.5 ECTS)

You can find course descriptions in the programme regulations for Strategic Market Creation.

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