Cand.merc. Kandidatuddannelsen i Erhvervsøkonomi


The MSc Programme in Economics and Business Administration / Cand.merc. is your natural choice for graduate studies in strategy, management and economics. Rooted in the interplay between practice and theory, the programme is conducted in a dynamic university setting. The programme builds on the business economics BSc degrees and, with its 11 different English taught degree concentrations and 3 concentrations conducted in Danish, it provides you the opportunity to study and specialise in most fields  covered by business economics. The concentrations are organised according to four core subject areas:

  • Economics, Finance and Accounting
  • Global Business
  • Marketing
  • Organisation and Innovation

The concentrations are designed to develop specific core competences and knowledge within their respective core subject area. The concentration of your choice grants you the opportunity to study and specialise in a specific subject field or issue while still maintaining and further developing your competence profile within a broader academic field.

Shared Basic Programme Structure
The programme combines mandatory concentration courses with electives that allow you to design your own unique profile to suit your specific interests. Although the different academic content of the concentrations is reflected in a variety of courses and the different types of teaching and exams, the basic structure is identical for all.

Room for Individuality
The various concentrations each offer different  academic and practical approaches to the multitude of disciplines and topics within the diverse field of business economics. The first year is comprised of mandatory concentration courses. You can choose third semester electives from the extensive electives portfolio at CBS, opt for electives at other Danish universities or abroad at one of CBS’ numerous partner universities. Your combination of electives allows you to shape your own unique academic qualification profile. The third semester also allows you to choose a fixed  combination of three specific electives, which will grant you a minor within a more narrow field of interest. Completing your studies by writing a master’s thesis, you show your ability to work on an advanced professional level within the context of your chosen concentration.

Economics, Finance and Accounting Global Business Marketing Organisation and Innovation
Applied Economics and Finance International Business Brand and Communications Management Strategy, Organisation and Leadership
Finance and Strategic Management Supply Chain Management Økonomisk Markedsføring Management of Innovation and Business Development
Finansiering og Regnskab International Marketing and Management Customer and Commercial Development Human Resource Management
Accounting, Strategy and Control      
Finance and Investments      


Sidst opdateret: Student Affairs // 26/01/2018

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