Brand and Communications Management


What gets you the job?

As a graduate of this concentration your key competence will be your understanding of the mindset of a company’s consumers, knowing how to reach and interact with them, and through this, making them appreciate and buy the branded product or service.
These skills can be used in any context where a company wishes to get a message across to customers or other stakeholders.
Through dialogues with consumers, you will learn to plan and implement a strategy for the right positioning of a brand and to identify the most effective communication channels to use. You will also learn to measure the effect and value of your strategy, which is important for proving the return on marketing investment to an employer.

Career opportunities

Many graduates will find employment as brand managers. From this position you will be in charge of a brand or portfolio of brands and plan the strategy for them. Through analysing the target  consumers of the product that you are in charge of, you will work on planning an optimal communications tactics to reach that group in the most effective way.
You could also work as a product manager, closer to the development of new products.

Many graduates find their way into advertising, because the communication skills and understanding of emotional and subconscious drivers acquired in the concentration are very useful in putting together campaigns that target different segments of potential buyers.
Some students will also find  job opportunities  in consulting where they can help companies with a number of different problems. You could for instance give recommendations to a company that is struggling with their sales numbers in a certain market, or are looking to reach a new user group. You could also help a company prepare for the launch of a new product, and enter a new market.

Competence profile

In the competence profile you can read more about the purpose of the programme and the competencies you achieve in the programme:

Competence profile for BCM


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