UMEUS Amager

  • Exceptionally for the fall semester 2024, we have managed to arrange access to UMEUS Amager
  • If you have questions about the rooms at UMEUS, we recommend that you contact the administration there at amager@umeus.dk
  • Please be aware that there may be other conditions that apply at UMEUS than those desribed under "Practical information about student residences"

Type of accommodation

UMEUS Amager is a student co-living community opened late 2021 on Amagerfælledvej near Universitetsparken.

The social aspect is important at UMEUS, where a monthly Thursday bar and community dinner is hosted, along with several kitchen gatherings that allows to connect with people from different kitchens. 
Common facilities incl. Study Hall, Group Rooms, Café Lounge, Honesty Shop & DIY Coffee Station, Laundry Room.


  • 30 X Standard Studio available from August 
  • Flexible move-in and out

Notice: You have the option to purchase a linen package for DKK 375 consisting of a pillow, a duvet and covers for both, a sheet and 4 towels.


You will be sharing a kitchen with 14-21 other residents


  • 7.000 DKK/month incl. utilities
  • 1st + 3 months of advance paid rent + 1 month deposit


UMEUS Amager is only 10 minutes away from Rådhuspladsen and right next to DR Byen metro station. 

Sidst opdateret: The International Office // 13/06/2024