The Mark

  • Exceptionally for the fall semester 2024, we have managed to arrange access to The Mark
  • If you have questions about the rooms at The Mark, we recommend that you contact the administration there at roommate@themark.dk
  • Please be aware that there may be other conditions that apply at The Mark than those desribed under "Practical information about student residences"

Type of accommodation

The Mark is not just furnished with modern, spacious, and well-equipped student apartments. The dormitory also offers plenty of common areas spread over two floors, totaling 3,000 square meters. The Mark offers activities, events, workshops, and experiences.  You can exercise in the fitness room, participate in movie nights, play table tennis, engage in communal cooking, and much more.


  • 30 X Standard Studio available from mid-August 
  • The rooms have good lighting and a modern, functional design. You rent a fully furnished student apartment that includes a bed, a bathroom, a small kitchen, as well as a table and chairs. There is plenty of space for inviting guests for dinner, studying, playing board games, and more


  • Approximately 7500 DKK/ month incl utilities


  • 6 minutes walk to Brøndbyøster Station
  • 15 minutes to Copenhagen Central Station by public transportation
  • 22 minutes by bike to Frederiksberg Gardens
  • 7,1 Km to CBS, Solbjerg Plads
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