BSc in International Business

The BSc IB gives you a broad understanding of business economics and strategy in a global context, and you learn how companies analyse and adjust to the problems and challenges that arise when an organisation is doing business internationally.

Presentation of IB

The BSc IB gives you the competences you need to work in companies or organisations, which are doing business in international markets.

In the BSc IB you are taught how global markets and economies work, and how companies handle the problems that arise when they operate in a foreign market. These challenges could, for example, be differences in legislation and regulations in international markets, differences in what foreign customers expect from certain products, or how to manage financial resources when you operate in more than one country.

Courses and content
In the BSc IB all courses focus on a general understanding as well as an international dimension. A course will typically start by providing you with basic and general understanding of the topic and then go on to the specific international aspects. For example; in accountancy you will first be introduced to general accountancy theory and then look at the specific accountancy challenges that companies in foreign markets may experience.

The BSc IB covers three main areas: Economics, business economics/management, and methodology.

From beginning to end, the BSc IB will focus on the international business community. You will learn how international markets work, how competition takes place in various industries, how laws and regulations made by governments, or institutions like the EU, affect companies, and how companies interact with their customers and competitors in different markets.

Business Economics/ Management
How international companies are organised and operated is also one of the things you will learn. Insight into international marketing campaigns, how to manage a company’s finances across borders, the use of Human Resource Management in multinational corporations, and management of subsidiaries in more than one country just to mention a few examples. You will investigate topics within international business law and corporate communication in relation to the communication strategies of international companies.

The BSc IB will give you tools within business research methods to collect and analyse relevant data and for example, predict a future income, or which elements of your business that leads to a good result.

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The BSc in International Business is a three-year bachelor programme. The academic year runs from September through June and is divided into 4 quarters. Each quarter is 8 weeks and ends with examinations. Examinations take place 4 times a year in October, December/January, April and May/June, respectively.

The programme consists of a number of obligatory courses, some elective courses and ends with a bachelor project.

Options during the programme


GLOBE (Global Learning Opportunities in Business Education) is a double exchange programme and offers a combination of academic studies and international skills. Students who are accepted into GLOBE will be studying in Copenhagen and at two other partner universities in Hong Kong and North Carolina together with 18 participants from each university. By studying at three different universities, students learn about business and academic life in Europe, Asia and North America. Students are exposed to different cultural settings allowing them to further develop a global mindset.

The programme takes place during the second and third year. It begins at the fifth and sixth quarter of the BSc IB in Copenhagen, moves on to Hong Kong in the seventh and eighth quarter (spring semester) and on to North Carolina in the ninth and tenth quarter (fall semester). Visit for more information.

You can apply for GLOBE after you have started the BSc IB programme. Please note that the number of places is limited and not all interested students will be accepted.

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