BSc in Business, Language and Culture

BSc BLC will teach you how to understand the economic, social and cultural differences which exist in the globalised world companies are operating in. Furthermore, you will gain language skill in German, French or Spanish while learning about the regions where these languages are spoken.

Presentation of BSc BLC

In a globalised world, managers and specialist do not only need to understand economics and business administration; they also need to understand the world in which business is operating in: cultures and customs, politics and institutions. Therefore, you will learn about the international business environment in combination with cultural studies and language, focusing on specific regions in the world.  

As the name of the programme indicates, BLC students need to be interested in all three areas; business, language and culture. This requires an understanding of several academic fields, but also a mindset allowing the student to feel comfortable, when navigating in these overlapping areas.

Courses and content

When culture meets business
The programme focuses on the intercultural aspects of internationalisation. You will learn about the role which cultural differences play in a business context and the challenges which managers and specialists meet when working in a global, multicultural and complex business world. BLC prepares you for tackling these challenges, by letting you work with and understand disciplines such as business administration and economics. These two disciplines focus on the internal environment of a business and on the external environment in the society. The two fields will give you knowledge on economy, strategy, statistics, corporate communication, managerial accounting and organization. BLC lets you combine this knowledge with academic language skills in English and your chosen language (Spanish, German or French). 

Doing business in an international setting
At BLC you acquire skills enabling you to handle tasks in an international business environment which require cultural knowledge, an international mindset and business sense. In order to obtain these skills, you explore the language, culture and business setting of two language areas. The first area is the Anglo-Saxon including the United Kingdom and the United States. The second area is related to your chosen second language; German, French or Spanish. The area does not only contain Germany, France and Spain, but all countries in which the language is spoken, so parts of Europe, Africa and Latin America respectively. You will be presented with the economic, political, historical and cultural aspects of your two language areas and connect these to the business environment in the specific region. 

The BSc BLC is primarily taught in English, but the courses related to your second language will be taught in German, French or Spanish and you will read academic texts, make oral presentations, have academic discussions and do written exercises, in the second language. Furthermore, you will attend pure language classes, focusing on grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary. This said it is important to understand that BLC is not a language programme as such. The language is a tool to gain more in-depth understanding of the region at hand. The best way to learn and understand another culture is through its language. This will provide you a useful tool for your further studies and career. 

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The BSc in Business, Language and Culture is a three-year bachelor programme, which is divided into 6 semesters. The fall semester runs from September through November with exams in December and January, and the spring semester from February through April with exams in May and June.

The programme consists of a number of obligatory courses, some elective courses and ends with a bachelor project.

Options during the programme

On the fifth semester you have the option to go on exchange. You can choose to go to a CBS partner university in a region where your second language is spoken (German, Spanish or French). The language and area courses in your second foreign language are taught during the first four semesters, so you will already have a solid language and culture foundation when you go on exchange.

During your semester abroad, you will follow elective courses and specialise in one or more of the areas taught in the obligatory courses. Or you can choose new areas of study. These courses are primarily taught in the local language.


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