BSc in Business Administration and Sociology

The BSc Soc teaches you how to understand companies and organisations in their context - and how to analyse the impact of the strategic choices and business decisions they make both within and outside the company.

Presentation of BSc Soc

The BSc in Business Administration and Sociology combines Economics and Business Administration with Sociology. The combination of business economics and sociology gives you a broad understanding of the economic and social processes in an organisation and between people.

Courses and content

Understanding business in organisations and society

On the BSc Soc. prorgramme you will pursue regular business administrative studies, which gives you an understanding of economic activities in both organisations and society, such as basic knowledge of accounting and the role of capitalism in society and organisations.

You will also gain an understanding of how companies and other organisations are organised, and how their activities are linked to their surroundings and the global society, such as the role of the organisations in the political, economic, social, and international arena.

BSc Soc. also gives you the knowledge and the analytical tools to understand today’s market economy in its broader historical and social context. This teaches you how to recognise contemporary economically related problems and how to find the proper tools to analyse and repair these problems.


The field of sociology is the scientific study of societies and human behaviour. You will gain knowledge that will help you understand the economic and social processes in an organisation. This means that you will gain an understanding of the basic functions of the economic and non-economic organisations in modern society, and particularly how economics influence and is influenced by social factors such as unemployment, leadership, communication, environmental changes, education, and politics.

You learn to understand why people act as they do, and why society and organisations sometimes are stable and at other times changing. An example of this is social revolutions, wars or political power play. This is relevant to fully understand the complexity of economic and business activities and general decisions in society.

Doing sociological research

Sociological research is central to the BSc Soc. programme, due to the importance of understanding the link between economics and society, and how they affect each other. You will learn how to carry out various kinds of research projects, such as investigating groupings in the work place or state intervention of start-up enterprises. You will be able to design a research project that can be used to develop a given organisation and to foresee and create solutions to the challenges facing modern organisations.

More information on BSc Soc.


BSc Soc. is a three-year bachelor programme that is divided into 6 semesters. The autumn semester runs from September through November with exams in December and January; and the spring semester from February through April with exams in May and June.

The programme consists of a number of compulsory courses, some elective courses and finishes off with a bachelor project.

Options during the programme

The fifth semester consists of electives. You can use this semester to specialise in areas studied in the compulsory courses, and thereby turn your education in a more business or sociology related direction, or you can add new areas of studies, such as politics, communication or psychology. You can choose between the following:

  • Doing electives at CBS or at another Danish university
  • Going abroad on exchange at a partner university 
  • Doing an internship in a public or private organisation in Denmark or abroad
  • Doing a free paper as a substitute for electives, which is a chance to pursue individual interests with faculty assistance

Most students do electives within the areas of Marketing, Management and Culture.

You finish off the sixth semester with a bachelor project where you have the opportunity to specialise in one or more areas of the programme. At the same time you put your skills in doing sociological studies to the final test.

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