CBS to sharpen focus on good research communication


Increased transparency of research funding and external employment of researchers, an extended mandate to the vice dean of research communication and updated guidelines on good research communication.


Photo: Jakob Boserup

CBS will revise the current guidelines on good research communication as a response to the debate in the media about transparency of research funding. Senior Management and the Academic Council wish to include an explicit requirement for transparency in the guidelines. Thus, Senior Management and the Academic Council at CBS want faculty to make information about external funding of their research and any external employment available on According to Søren Hvidkjær, Dean of Research, this will be discussed at the next meeting of the General Consultation Committee (HSU).
”We can see that a lot of researchers have already met the need for greater transparency in terms of funding and interests. However, we would like to implement this all along the line. In the coming months, we are going to work closely together with the Academic Council and the heads of department to develop a good and practical model. This initiative is to ensure that CBS can have close relationships with the business community, foundations and public organisations in the future, and that the researchers’ interests are not questioned,” says Søren Hvidkjær.
CBS has also initiated the process of finding a new vice dean of research communication to follow Flemming Poulfelt, who has decided to become professor emeritus. The mandate of the vice dean will be extended. For instance, CBS will continuously update the guidelines on good research communication, where we will take inspiration from the work that has already been initiated by Universities Denmark on the basis of the current national code of conduct for academic integrity.

”Our faculty must take active part in the public debate. CBS’ researchers are already doing that extensively, and we would like this involvement in society to continue - preferably even more. The aim of these recommendations and guidelines is to support our researchers as well as a nuanced public debate based on research,” says Søren Hvidkjær.

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Sidst opdateret: Communications // 08/10/2019