Agile and Adaptive Leadership in the 21st Century

A dynamic journey into the heart of leadership in the 21st century – join inspiring talks and thought-provoking discussions to gain new perspectives on leadership in the digital age.

Torsdag, 8 februar, 2024 - 09:00 to 15:30

In today’s ever-evolving business landscape, leadership is no longer a static concept; it’s a dynamic, agile, and adaptive force that guides organisations through change and challenges.

In collaboration with NOCA and CBS Leadership Centre, the 'Agile and Adaptive Leadership in the 21st Century' conference will uniquely explore the strategies and approaches that empower leaders to thrive and succeed in digital disruption, uncertainty, and rapid change.  Get different perspectives on “Agile and Adaptive Leadership” from researchers at CBS and Harvard Business School as well as practical insights from the largest organisations in Denmark e.g. Chr. Hansen. Topics for the conference includes:

  • Understanding the dynamics of change – contextualising the current business landscape and the rapid pace of change that organizations face.
  • Transformational leadership in the digital age – surviving and thriving in the digital disruption era.
  • Navigating the paradoxes of leadership – understanding and navigating the paradoxes that often arise in today’s complex business world. 

We will runningly announce more speakers as well as the programme for the day.

Time and place
8 February
CBS Ovnhallen

Register here.Arranged by CBS Executive Education

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