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Copenhagen Business School is currently looking for company hosts for business development projects in Spring 2023. As company host, you get the opportunity to meet and collaborate with 4-5 master's students from Management of Innovation and Business Development at CBS.


Become a host

Become a host for a business development project at Copenhagen Business School

Management of Innovation and Business Development (MIB) is a Master of Science (MSc) concentration at Copenhagen Business School that focuses on innovation strategy, entrepreneurship and business development. Students learn to manage a company’s innovation and business development by means of structured and informed analysis. Each innovation has different aspects, some referring to its value proposition, some to its future users, some to the likely responses from its competition. Students discuss the processes of identifying ideas for innovation, strategies in different types of companies as well as how innovation can become a part of the overall strategy of a company. They also gain knowledge on how to put innovation on the corporate strategy agenda. This requires students to think how innovation can be used for business development.

About the business development project

In the spring semester, which runs from February to May, MIB students have to write a business project report in groups of 4-5 students. This report takes a company’s business development project as a point of departure. Together with an academic supervisor, students apply theories, analytical perspectives and management tools from their courses to analyze a real-world business development project in a company. The report consists of an analytical and an empirical part in which the students collect data, for example through interviews with company representatives, to identify key learnings, both from a theoretical and a practical point of view. These learnings can translate into recommendations for the management of such a business development project. Examples of previous projects include:

  • Too Good To Go – Managing competition on digital platforms
  • Vivino – Business model innovation
  • Hövding – Challenges in protecting IP
  • Carlsberg – Project management and product development
  • Oticon – Market entry strategy for new products

Becoming a host for an MIB business project is a unique opportunity to get in touch with highly motivated students, to access their creative potential, and to learn about academic research in a certain area. Business project hosts remain in full control of what they disclose as part of the project. Non-disclosure agreements signed by all parties involved can certainly be used. Hosts typically commit to a few interviews and meetings but this is entirely up to discussing with the student groups.

Become a host company

If you are interested to serve as a host company, please fill out the form:

We will need a short description of the business development project by 26 January 2023. You will receive an email from CBS to confirm you project post at the job bank CBS CareerGate. The students will contact you in February 2023 through CBS CareerGate. If you have any questions you are welcome to contact the MIB study director Christoph Grimpe at email

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