Supreme Court Judge Jon Stokholm visits CBS

To discuss law and economics with LEFIC-researchers

Tirsdag, 23 november, 2004 - 14:30 to 16:30

Invitation to a joint LEFIC/Law Department Seminar with Jon Stokholm, Supreme Court Judge

Jon Stokholm, Supreme Court Judge and former head of the Danish Bar Association, visits CBS to discuss Supreme Court verdicts from a law and economics perspective.

At the seminar, three Lefic-members will comment on the verdicts mentioned below, and Judge Stokholm will respond to the comments.Attendees are advised to study the verdicts beforehand, as knowledge of the cases will be taken for granted.

The verdicts concern:

1) Stakeholder versus shareholder capitalism; management’s right to sue shareholders: U.1991B.255 (the Louis Poulsen case).

Discussant: Professor Clas Wihlborg

2) The invalidation of unfair contracts; the use of §36 in the Danish Code of Contract: U2002.1224H (the Tango Jalousi case).

Discussant: Associate Professor Thomas Riis

3) The interpretation of ambigous terms in a contract; a clause excluding remedies in a real estate sale: U.2004.769/2H, and a clause concerning the nature of compensation Sag 474/2003 (Supreme Court Verdict as of 3.9. 2004, DRF versus SAS).

Discussant: Professor (MSO) Henrik Lando

All are invited. However, space is limited, so to reserve a seat, please contact Finn Petersen:

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