Service Sector Meeting Forum

Med Ulrik Bülow, Direktør for Danmarks Turistråd.

Mandag, 10 maj, 2004 - 17:10 to Torsdag, 13 maj, 2004 - 16:05

Ulrik Bülow, Direktør for Danmarks Turistråd: "Danmarks Turistråds rolle for dansk turismeudvikling".

Service Sector Meeting Forum

A series of presentations primarily for students, researchers and employees relating to Cultural Business Life as well as People with an interest in Tourism, Hotel, Restaurant, Culture and Transport Economy and Management.

A unique opportunity of additional contact among students at CBS, researchers and business life has risen in connection with the opening of a new education in Service Management. The presentations began in September 2003 and the first three meetings in 2004 have been announced and have taken place. Now it is a pleasure to announce the meetings for the remaining part of the first half of 2004.

At each meeting, Monday afternoons at 5.10 PM at Copenhagen Business School, there will be a presentation lasting about an hour followed by discussion and comments from the audience. We finish the meetings between 6.30 and 7 PM.

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