Gaining advantage from organizing and accessing user communities

Workshop arranged by Center for Knowledge Governance

Tirsdag, 1 juni, 2004 - 13:00

Workshop arranged by Center for Knowledge Governance.

The workshop-programme will address the following issues:

Many firms are using the Internet to organize user communities in order to foster collective learning and involve users in innovation. How can firms benefit from access to innovative user communities? What are the promises and limitations of this business model?


  • Karim
    Lakhani, MIT

    Leveraging User Communities for Innovation and Profit?

  • S
    heen Levine, Wharton

    Cultivating the Digital Commons: A Framework for Collective Open Innovation – Implications for Firms

  • Yun Mi Antorini, CBS

    Building Brand Community - the case of AFOL: Adult Fans Of LEGO

  • Lars Bo Jeppesen,


    Firm-Established User Communities Work for Innovation: Computer Game Modding Communities

  • Frank Piller
    , TUM

    From Mass Customization to Collaborative Customer Co-design

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