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This year's marketing prize from the HBH Foundation and CBS goes to A new Troubleshooter Prize encourages students to solve business challenges for


By Sanni Brandt
Every year, the HBH Foundation awards a marketing prize worth up to DKK 100,000 in collaboration with CBS to a company, which "in its marketing of a product or idea has attracted favourable notice through a well thought-out analysis and strategy". Behind the award is Henrik Bødtcher-Hansen, who established the company H. B. Hansen A/S shortly after World War II and made HBH a household name within electric appliances.

The winner in 2014 is, who received the prize Thursday 14 November at the Kiln Hall at CBS. According to Mogens Bjerre from the Department of Marketing, the motivation for giving the prize to is because of the “company's vision to transform their industry on a global scale, and their objective to create an alternative to the retail business, galleries and the luxury market, thus fulfilling the criteria for receiving the HBH prize".

New prize to students
This year, CBS and HBH has broadened the collaboration and introduced the Troubleshooter Prize, which is given to one or more students at CBS for an outstanding master thesis written in dialogue with last year's winner of the HBH prize. In 2014, the Troubleshooter Prize worth up to DKK 50,000 is awarded to the best master thesis. Unique for 2014 is that has donated half of the prize (DKK 50,000), so that there will be two winners of the Troubleshooter Prize next year, each receiving DKK 50,000.   

At the prize event, posed a number of business questions to the audience. Based on this, CBS students who are to write their master thesis, will use's situation and questions. At next year's HBH event, one or more students will thus receive the Troubleshooter Prize.

For more information, please contact Liselotte S. Jessen, President's Office at CBS, email

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