Successful second round of applications to the Public-Private Platform


The CBS Public-Private Platform granted funds to the sum of 90,000 DKK in its second application round.



CBS researcher can apply the CBS Public‐Private Platform for funding to projects, seminars, research assistance etc, that lives up to the following three requirements:  1.     The projects should be within the field of Public-Private relations2.     The projects should be cross-disciplinary3.     The projects should be cross-school By the end of this February we received about ten applications and are thrilled to have funded projects for over the sum of 90,000 DKK in the second round of applications.We were impressed by the level of interest and ambitions from CBS researchers and we are looking forward to the next round of applications to be handed in the 14th of June. 


Sidst opdateret: Communications // 28/02/2013