Platform member Karen Boll publishes article series in SKATTEfagligt


Platform member Karen Boll publishes article series in SKATTEfagligt in 2011-12


The article series consists of three articles published in 2011-12. The three articles describe various aspects of how tax compliance is regulated by the Danish Tax and Customs Administration and are examples of how research in regulation can provide (critical) input to the practitioners doing the regulation.

BOLL, K. 2011. Den T-formede skattemedarbejder. Skattefagligt, 5, 21-23.

BOLL, K. 2011. Hvad influerer regelefterlevelsen? Skattefagligt, 6, 5-8.

BOLL, K. 2012 (forthcoming). Segmentering af virksomheder. Skattefagligt, 7


Information about the articles can be found at Skattefaglig Forening


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