Knowledge must be made useful


New bachelor programme in Information Management approved


New bachelor programme is to ensure better knowledge management in companies

The Ministry of Science has recently approved a new bachelor programme in Information Management at CBS. The cross disciplinary programme is taught in English and qualifies students to work with information and knowledge management in global companies.

Developed in cooperation with leading, international companies

Experience from businesses show that knowledge management and communication in a global business understanding is one of the near future’s most important competitive parameters. Therefore, CBS, in close cooperation with a range of leading international IT and consultancy companies, has developed a new cross disciplinary bachelor programme that focuses on how companies ensure efficient information and knowledge management in the global economy. Thus, teaching in information and knowledge management is integrated with IT, management and communication.

To make knowledge useful

Many surveys show that lack of competencies is one of the most important reasons why Danish companies do not achieve full output of their IT investments:

“We experience a great demand from the business community for candidates that are able to manage knowledge and communication in a professional way. When good ideas must be transferred into products and processes that create value for the company, it is essential with employees that can manage knowledge and knowledge processes”, says Dorte Madsen, the woman behind the new programme.

Not just a financial shopping list

She is supported by Hans Christian Studstrup, Vice President in Mondosoft – one of the companies that are involved in developing the new programme.

“Mondosoft sees CBS’ new bachelor programme as an innovative combination of information management and communication in an international perspective. The advantage of the programme is that it combines the more technical disciplines with a business perspective while it also focuses on the management of processes. As suppliers we are often expected only to fulfil a technical shopping list when it would be obvious also to have a dialogue about the commercial and organisational output”, says Hans Christian Studstrup from Mondosoft.

The BA in Information Management is a bachelor degree in communication, English, organisation as well as information and knowledge management. The programme is taught in English and contains a close coupling between theory and practise e.g. through traineeships.

Sidst opdateret: Communications // 16/12/2005