The first to graduate from MIB


Good start for the new program


Good start for the new program

Bjørn Brobye Pedersen and Stephan Skare Nielsen were on Wednesday 27 July 2005 the first to graduate from the MSc program in 

Management of Innovation & Business Development (MIB), which is organised by the Department of Industrial Economics and Strategy.

Their defence was awarded with a grade in the high end of the scale. Thus, the two graduates guaranteed a good start for the MIB program.

This revised version of the previous MOT-program gives added emphasis to knowledge, business development, and service industries. The MIB program deals with the specific conditions under which management of innovation and business development promotes competitive advantage. The innovative environment around firms offers both threats and opportunities that must be understood and responded to.

Students learn to analyse the business environment and the scope for strategic response, and to manage the innovation process, including the accounting, finance and marketing functions, so as to best support that response. They are trained in finding the core problems that may impede innovative performance, in undertaking such analysis in 

effective teamwork, and in capably communicating results

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