Innovation in the Danish Advertising Industry


imagine.. seminar on Wednesday June 15


imagine.. invites you to a seminar and discussion on:

"Innovation in the Danish Advertising Industry: Institutional Determinants and Managerial Implications of Interfirm Project Organisations"

Presenter: Tina Brandt Husman

Wednesday June 15 at 2pm, CBS, Solbjerg Plads 3, Lecture Hall SPs13 Velux


"In this seminar departure is taken in a paper, which discusses the sources, characteristics and managerial implications of interfirm project organisations. There is mounting evidence on the increasing use of temporary organisational forms for carrying out complex activities. It could be argued that complex tasks require similar complex and temporary organisational forms, but there are other less well-understood institutional factors at play. Through a case study of the Danish advertising industry, and how it uses the interfirm project organisation, the paper provides some initial answers to questions regarding the sources and implications of temporary organisational forms. Changes in employment patterns and human resource practises today are seen as particularly relevant for studying interfirm project organisations. Of managerial implications especially those related to professional development and organisational learning, to the exercise of authority, and to appointing competencies for the interfirm project organisation, that is, spotting and attracting competences, are discussed."

Sidst opdateret: Communications // 08/06/2005