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Creative Commons established in Denmark


Creative Commons established in Danmark

All rights reserved?

The Law Department at CBS is behind a new initiative that is to establish a Danish department of the international organization Creative Commons that offers licences to artists, authors and other licence holders.

This will make it easier for licence holders in Denmark to share their works in a broader sense, while they at the same time keep their right to earn money on commercial use. The idea comes from the US and the mantra "We have built upon the "all rights reserved" of traditional copyright to create a voluntary "some rights reserved" copyright".

Wide support in Denmark

"The establishment of Creative Commons in Denmark has wide support from universities, artists and lawyers, and I hope that the work will contribute in making cultural activities available for more people", says Jan Trzaskowski from the Law Department at CBS, who is part of the group behind the project.

Creative Commons in Denmark is an open forum that will start by focusing on translation and adaptation of the licences so that they can be read in Danish and will fit into Danish conditions. For that purpose a "drafting group" has been established.




Creative Commons is an "open source" for artistic and literary works.

A Danish licence holder can use the licence to consider which rights he wants to keep and what kind of use he can tolerate. The licences are used widely in the US - mainly for works placed on the internet.


Sidst opdateret: Communications // 22/06/2005