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CBS will strengthen the students' business understanding


CBS will strengthen the students' business understanding

Market analyses, customer segmentation, generational change problems and pricing will soon be part of the graduate students everyday life. This fall the new elective course "Business Development in Practice" will be offered.


More practical experience on the program

CBSGraduateSchool, who is behind the elective, passes on the baton from the Confederation of Danish Industries (Dansk Industri), who in the report "Business Economics in the Business Community" advertises that CBS graduates gain more practical experience and business understanding as students.

For CBS, the cooperation with the business community in structuring study programs is a long term strategic focus area:

"During its first year, the new elective will act as a pilot project for how such a partnerships work. For CBS, this is not just a new elective, but a new activity that is to provide us with essential experiences that we can use in the continuous work with, among other things, the learning university and in the development of partnerships with the business community. Partnerships that are very important if you want to be a driving force in the developments in the Danish and European business community", says Sven Junghagen, Director of CBS Graduate School.

More than 30 companies have signed up

Business understanding, more short projects with real, concrete problems from the business community and more internship in the study programs are all items that the report advertise for and the companies like the idea.

During a short period more than 30 small and medium sized companies have joined the initiative: We are very pleased. In this way, both the business community, CBS and the students will experience a better match between the graduates competencies and the needs of the companies, says Director of CBS Career Center, Mette Reebirk.




From fall 2005, the elective will be offered to graduate students at CBS. Behind the elective are CBSGraduateSchool, CBSCareerCenter and the Department of Management, Politics and Philosophy in cooperation with the Confederation of Danish Industries and Civiløkonomernes Arbejdsløshedskasse..

Companies, who have signed up:


The Technical University of Denmark - Department of Research and Innovation

Alpharma ApS

Capgemini Danmark A/S

Coloplast A/S

Enemærke & Petersen a/s,

Energy Consulting Network,


Gaia Solar A/S

keyZONE Solutions ApS


Philips Lys A/S


SPB - Smag på Bordet Aps

Zoomio Holding A/S

KORRAL Partners A/S

Kiranto Foods AS


3M a/s

Consensus Management

Kommunernes Revision

Piaster A/S


Sterling European Kommanditaktieselskab

PBJ Consult A/S

Jensengroup Business Development & Consulting

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