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CBS opens knowledge portal


Research communication - CBS opens knowledge portal

By launching a knowledge portal on Copenhagen Business School intensifies the university's communication activities. The knowledge portal brings together existing initiatives and offers a new feature: OpenArchive@CBS, a so-called institutional repository for research papers with fulltext access.

The knowledge portal is meant to be an essential guide to CBS research and provide an overview of the huge information universe CBS offers to the Danish public and to international partners. At present the portal includes an expert database (Experts@CBS), a newsletter (Insights@CBS), an institutional repository, a research database, and a news section.

The knowledge portal is a CBS initiative realizing the ambitions implied in the University's Act of 2003 section 2,3:

"As a central knowledge institution and culture bearer the university must exchange and communicate knowledge and competences with the surrounding society, and the employees must be prompted to participate in the public debate".

CBS Library is responsible for the development of the knowledge portal and edting.

Sidst opdateret: Communications // 08/12/2004