Two FRIC PhD students on the job market in 2017

Two PhD students from the FRIC Center at the Department of Finance are on the academic job market this year: Sven Klingler and Davide Tomio. They will both be available for interviews at the 2017 AFA meetings in Chicago

PhD defence: Kay Sun Park

In order to obtain the PhD degree, Kay Sun Park submitted her thesis entitled: Three Essays on Financial Economics. This thesis investigates the question of how the fluctuations of funding and liquidity conditions affect the financial decision of the firm.

FRIC Practitioner Seminar with Danske Bank and Capital Four Management

On January 10, 2017, we will host a FRIC Practitioner Seminar where Christoffer Møllenbach and Claus Ingar Jensen from Danske Bank will give a roadshow presentation for potential investors and René Kallestrup from Capital Four Management will present the investor's point of view

Two FRIC PhD students defend their theses this week

Two PhD students at the FRIC Center for Financial Frictions, Department of Finance will defend their PhD theses this week: Mikael Reimer Jensen will present Interbank Markets and Frictions and Mads Vestergaard Jensen will present Financial Frictions - Implications for Early Option Exercise and Realized Volatility