CO2 neutral campus? Sports? Blogging? Radio? Management Consulting, Diversity? CBS is buzzing with activities even after classes have ended

CBS students are very engaged both in- and outside of the classroom. As a new student, you will have a variety of opportunities including learning Danish, joining a student organization, participating in an international activity or program, or even volunteering.

So bring an open mind and you will be drawn into the variety of ways you can keep active by meeting new people, getting involved, and making the most out of your student life while at CBS and in Copenhagen!

All CBS students have the opportunity to explore other cultures and expand their horizons, often without even leaving Copenhagen. Across the CBS campus and around Copenhagen, CBS students have many options to develop their international networks and broaden their cultural awareness.

The activities are offered throughout the year and open to CBS students from all nationalities and academic levels. Please visit this site regularly to learn more about the many opportunities available to you!

Extra-curricular activities
With 20,000 students a wide variety of student organisations are present at CBS. See all CBS student organisations!

Volunteering with the CBS International Student Community
There are many opportunities within the CBS international community to have culturally enriching experiences, and going abroad for an exchange semester is not your only choice. You can also help to welcome our newly arriving international students and offer your support as they settle into their new home and integrate into the local community:

International Student Ambassadors

Make a Difference…Be an Ambassador!

Are you good at taking initiative and being innovative?
Do you want to develop new skills and build your resume?

CBS International Student Ambassadors' mission is to assist our newest International Full-degree Students (IFDS) in the transition and integration into the Danish educational system as well as the Danish society.

If you would like to:
-Build a network of Danish and international students
-Meet new friends
-Share your experiences about studying at CBS and living in CPH
-Develop new skills
-Gain job-market preparation
-Improve you linguistic skills
-And have fun…

Then, you are exactly what we are looking for!  

You will have the opportunity to:
-Plan cultural programmes and social networking events
-Give personal advice about your student experiences
-Share general information about CBS
-Offer campus and city tours

What do we do?
- Preparation advice
- Arrival assistance
- Campus tours
- Immersion seminars
- Cultural programmes
- Social-networking events
- Sharing of information

We will inform you about our next application round at our Facebook page and by email if you sign up for the ISA mailing list.

Any questions...? Please send us an email: or contact us on Facebook:

Buddy Programme

The Buddy Programme is the connection between CBS students and all incoming exchange students. As a Buddy, you have the opportunity to introduce international students to life at CBS, the city and the Danish culture.
The Buddy Programme allows CBS students to meet new people from different countries, obtain intercultural competencies, and expand their international network. Welcoming and helping the exchange students find their way in new surroundings will be very valuable for them and a very satisfying experience for you!

The simple but important tasks of a CBS Buddy are:

Arrange the exchange students’ pick-up
Welcome them upon arrival and take them to their residences
Help them become familiarized with CBS

We need Buddies for both the autumn semester (arrivals in the last two weeks of August) and the spring semester (arrivals in the last two weeks of January). You will be a Buddy for one or two exchange students.

CBS International Buddy Programme for exchange students
Buddy Registration Form online  

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a Buddy do?
Being a Buddy means greeting an incoming exchange student when he/she arrives, helping the student to his/her new residence, introducing the student to CBS and life in Denmark in general. In other words, help them get settled in their new surroundings. It is all in all very simple but to the incoming students it is invaluable.

What do I get out of it?
This is a unique opportunity to test and improve your linguistic and communicative skills along with a chance for inputs from foreign cultures. In exchange for your time and dedication you'll receive a diploma, a way to display a keen international interest on your CV. Finally, the Crash Course and Introduction Week have a plethora of events in line, so you'll be getting your party hats on at some point too!

What is a Buddy team?
You will be put in a team of approx. four Buddies. You can rely on your team should you not be able to meet your assigned exchange student upon his/her arrival, having problems to pick-up keys or other practical matters in the arrival period. You should also get in touch with them in order to organize the Buddy Dinner during the Introduction Week. You can specify in your application whether you have friends you would like to team up with (remember: you should specify their CBS e-mail address), otherwise we will randomly assign you to a team.

What about the Introduction activities and Dinners?
Buddies will be invited to participate into some of the evening activities organized for exchange students. You will receive your personal Buddy Card at the key pick-up, featuring all the date and times of parties: bring it with you to get your free entrance! Further information on activities, party, Buddy and Welcome Dinners will be given during information meetings and sent you by newsletter.

Can I be a Buddy even if I am not here during part of the arrival period?
We would prefer you to be available during the whole arrival period. However, if you know you will be away or unavailable for a few days during that time, please specify that in the “comments” field of your application. We will do our best to assign you to a student arriving in the days you would be able to pick him/her up – otherwise it doesn't work with a student who is not available from the time the student arrives through the start of the semester. Please consider whether not to apply should you be away for the whole arrival period: you are more than welcome to join us for the next semester then!

How do I sign up?
Please submit your application. Buddy Registration Form online We are usually recruiting Buddies in February-July (for the Fall Semester) and September-December (for the Spring Semester).

When I will get a confirmation that I will be a Buddy?
We usually send a confirmation email that we have received your application every 3-4 weeks. You will then receive the contact details of the exchange student(s) you are assigned to in mid-July (Fall Semester) and mid-December (Spring Semester).

NB; all communications and information will be sent exclusively to your email address.

Additional questions?
Feel free to contact us!

Write us an email:

Exchange Crew

Are you social, internationally oriented and enthusiastic? Do you want to help out plan and execute the Exchange Social Programme (ESP) for the incoming exchange students in the spring? Great, then apply to become a member of the CBS Exchange Crew!

The Exchange Social Programme is a unique social/cultural program offered to all the incoming exchange students at CBS. It consists of two introduction weeks (the Crash Course Week and the Introduction Week) just before the semester begins, various activities during the semester and two weekend trips. The aim of the programme is to ease the integration process for the students, to help them build a social network and to give them a qualified introduction to Danish culture, Copenhagen and CBS.

The Exchange Crew consists of 40-45 volunteers from CBS, representing different study programs and nationalities. The role of the Exchange Crew is to help with the planning and execution of the two introduction weeks and the various semester activities.


  • You will be working in a truly international environment.
  • You will get a unique opportunity to expand both your social and professional network.
  • You will get experience within event management.
  • You will throughout the semester be invited to events exclusively for the Exchange Crew members.
  • You will at the end of the semester be able to get a diploma for your volunteer work.

If you have any questions regarding the Exchange Crew, please feel free to contact the Exchange Social Programme Coordinators at or find us at Facebook:

Language Partner Programme

Do you speak English?

Möchtest du Deutsch lernen?

Vil du gerne lære dansk?

Vuoi parlare italiano?

If you want to improve your language skills, the Language Partner Programme is the solution!

The Language Partner Programme is a reciprocal extra-curricular language learning program in which you are paired with a native speaker of the target language to learn together. There is no financial cost involved and you can benefit, whatever your language level. You can meet to study together, practice speaking, find out more about the culture of your language partner, discuss language problems and support each other's learning. Furthermore there will be two Language Cafés held where you and your partner can meet up with other students and enjoy an evening learning languages.

Contact us: please email to


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