Design of intelligent electricity markets: TotalFlex


Design of intelligent electricity markets: TotalFlex has awarded DKK 26.4 million (EUR 3.6 mn) for a research consortium that aims to design smarter electricity markets for a future of more distributed energy production, allowing Denmark to reach its goal of 50 % renewables in 2020 and freedom from fossil fuels in 2050. The vision of the TotalFlex project is to develop a cost-effective, market-based system that utilizes total flexibility in energy demand and production taking balance and grid constraints into account. Part of the project consists of designing, developing and testing electronic market places that allow consumers, firms, distribution operators, balancing responsible and others to trade flexibility in demand and production thus pricing flexibility and network bottlenecks. The consortium consists of Neogrid Technologies, Aalborg University, Copenhagen Business School, Nyfors, Nordjysk Elhandel, Conscius and Zense Technology. From CBS, professors Peter Bogetoft and Peter Møllgaard as well as a PhD student take part in the project. Link to TotalFlex homepage:

Contact: Peter Bogetoft or Peter Møllgaard.

Sidst opdateret: Department of Economics // 24/06/2020