Økonomisk Institut

Ph.d fra Humboldt University, Berlin 2010

Kontor: POR/16.A-1.86
Primære forskningsområder
  • Economic Growth and Development
  • Productivity
  • Labour Economics
  • Sport Economics
  • Economic History
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  • International Economics, BSc in International Business Programme
  • Applied Econometrics, Msc in Applied Economics and Finance
  • Economic Theory and Economic & Corporate Development, Msc in Economics and Business Administration
Udvalgte publikationer

Match rigging and the career concerns of referees, joint with Tito Boeri (Bocconi University), Labour Economics,  2011, vol. 18(3), pages 349-359, June.

TFP in Old and New Europe, joint with Michael C. Burda (Humboldt University), Comparative Economic Studies, 2009, 51, pages 447-466.

Genoa and Venice: Traders of Prosperity, Growth, and Death, joint with Lars Börner (Free University Berlin), in Union in Separation – Diasporic Communities in the Eastern Mediterranean (1100-1900), eds. G. Christ et al., Springer, forthcoming

Publikationer sorteret efter:
Battista Severgnini; Tito Boeri / Match Rigging and the Career Concerns of Referees
I: Labour Economics, Vol. 18, Nr. 3, 6.2011, s. 349-359
Tidsskriftartikel > peer review
Battista Severgnini; Michael C. Burda / Solow Residuals without Capital Stocks
London : Centre for Economic Policy Research 2010, 34 s., s. 1-34
Working paper
Battista Severgnini; Michael C. Burda / TFP Growth in Old and New Europe
I: Comparative Economic Studies, Vol. 51, Nr. 4, 2010, s. 447-466
Tidsskriftartikel > peer review