New PhD/DBA course announced


Methods of Analysis (DBA February 4-8, 2008)


“The trouble with numbers is that they frighten a lot of people”
by Leslie W. Rodger, 1984

Unfortunately – because business and marketing research is a truly fascinating topic! And it is indispensable for securing competitive advantage through intelligent and informed managerial decisions.

This course, which is only open to PhD/DBA participants, teaches you how to design, implement and evaluate proposals on the gathering of critical market information – the emphasis is not so much on becoming a great statistician but on learning to become an intelligent “consumer” of data, statistics, models, and research reports. Both quantitative and qualitative methods of data collection and analysis will be addressed, as well as issues such as principles of the research process, challenges in designing international marketing research, and ethical problems in data generation. All these topics are highly relevant for developing an in-depth understanding of a broad array of method tools that are necessary to make an informed decision on how to solve a given business problem.

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