Legal Challenges in the Global Financial Crisis


Wolf-Georg Ringe and Peter M Huber (eds), Legal Challenges in the Global Financial Crisis - Bail-outs, the Euro and Regulation, Hart Publishing, Oxford 2014


This new book is a unique attempt to combine scholarship on the recent financial crisis from both a financial law perspective and a constitutional/EU law angle. Edited by Georg Ringe, law professor at CBS, and Peter M. Huber, a judge at the German Constitutional Court, the volume explores various legal aspects of the financial crisis such as the bail-out decisions, the role of the ECB as a lender of last resort, and new paradigms of financial regulation.


One of the emerging issues from the crisis is the apparent eclipse of boundaries between different legal disciplines: financial and corporate lawyers have to learn how public law instruments can complement their traditional governance tools; conversely, public lawyers have had to ome to understand the specificities of the financial markets they intend to regulate. While commentary on financial regulation and the global financial crisis abounds, it tends to remain within disciplinary boundaries. This volume not only brings together scholarship from different areas of law (constitutional and administrative law, EU law, financial law and regulation), but also from a variety of backgrounds (the academy, practice, policy-making) and a number of different jurisdictions.

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