Public Procurement Days 2012

Conference on the modernisation of the EU Public Procurement Rules

Torsdag, 9 februar, 2012 - 00:00 to Fredag, 10 februar, 2012 - 00:00

Conference on the modernisation  of the EU Public Procurement Rules

Denmark will chair the Council residency in 2012 where one important aspect will be the modernisation of the current legal EU Public Procurement framework. This Conference will address various subjects regarding the EU public procurement rules in order to determine how modernisation of the procurement framework can facilitate more innovation and growth.

The Conference will be split in three parts:


A revision of the EU Public Procurement Directives is one of twelve key actions identified in the Single Market Act. This session will address and assess various aspects of the proposed modernisation of the public procurement rules, which seeks to increase transparency, equal treatment, competition and facilitate innovation in pursuance of higher efficiency in the public  sector in the European Union.


Increase of cross-border trade, both within EU and with third countries, is essential to improve competition and to obtain best value for money. This session will discuss whether the current legal framework limits cross-border trade within EU. It will also address the topic of access for third countries to the European procurement market.


The private sector is commonly known to create more innovative solutions. This session seeks to elaborate on how the public sector can foster innovation in cooperation with private parties, through the use of PPP’s, Concessions and competitive dialogue. The main question of the session is: how can the public sector be more innovative in their procurement process in order to increase innovative solutions?

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The Conference is organized by the Law Department at Copenhagen Business School and the Danish Competition Authority.


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